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8 Factors To Consider in Warehouse Ventilation Design

Industrial ventilation and air filtration are important factors to consider for warehouse style. Here are the terms you need to know and how to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of your ventilation service.

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1. Occupancy Rates and Activities

The number of individuals will be occupying the space, and just how much time will they invest there? Appropriate storage facility ventilation is important to ensure the health, comfort and safety of the human beings who will be working in the space. The greater the occupancy rate, the longer the time people invest in the location, and the more strenuous the work needs, the more important ventilation will be.

2. Material Storage Requirements

What is being kept in the area? Storage facility ventilation is an essential part of keeping proper indoor temperatures and humidity levels.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) refers to the levels of airborne toxins in the central air. In a warehouse environment, the biggest contributor to indoor pollution is normally exhaust from product handling equipment.

4. Room Refresh Rates/CFM Requirements

The room refresh rate (or air modification rate) refers to the rate at which fresh outside air is introduced to the area. Air change rates for warehouses are typically set in between 6– 30 changes per hour.

5. Design and Airflow Patterns

When you figure out your optimal air modification rate and CFM for your space, you are then required to think about how you desire air to stream through the area. Another choice would be to put exhaust fans along the centre roofing system line and supply fans on both sidewalls to bring cool air in from the sides and exhaust warm air from the ceiling. In air-conditioned or heated storage facilities with high ceilings, additional fans might be required to fight air stratification, in which warm air rises to the ceiling and cooler air settles to the floor.

6. Exhaust/Makeup Air Balance

It is necessary to properly balance exhaust and makeup air rates for the storage facility. If you tire more air than you generate, you will produce a negative pressure condition in the warehouse (inside pressure is less than atmospheric pressure). Conversely, if you bring in more air than your exhaust, the storage facility will be under positive pressure (inside pressure is more than atmospheric pressure). If fresh air is being available mostly through open doorways, windows, and louvre systems, the pressure inside the structure will stabilize naturally– the more air you exhaust, the more will be drawn in through these natural openings. If the warehouse is sealed more tightly (for instance, to keep heated/cooled air in or keep outdoor toxins out), you will need a mechanical makeup air system to generate fresh air to compensate for the air being exhausted. If a door or window is opened, preserving a small positive pressure will lower the flow of outdoor air into the building. In many cases, keeping a small negative pressure in some areas may be desirable– for example, to prevent airborne pollutants from migrating from “dirtier” to “cleaner” locations within the centre.

7. Purification Requirements

Does storage facility air need to be filtered? The majority of warehouses rely on standard industrial ventilation principles to bring fresh air in and exhaust stagnant air to the outside. Nevertheless, it may be desirable to add purification choices to improve indoor air quality. Filtering can be utilized with supply fans to eliminate outdoor contaminants such as dust, pollen or air pollution from consumption air. This will reduce the strain on heating and cooling system filters if the warehouse is warmed or cooled. Storage facilities rarely produce enough emissions to require purification on exhaust fans. However, if extreme fumes and particles are building up in the breathing zone due to making use of product handling equipment, it may be desirable to use portable air cleansers in areas where humans are working.

8. Energy Intake

A warehouse ventilation system ought to be developed with energy effectiveness in mind. For example, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans can be utilized to enhance temperature control and lower the dependence on the HVAC system. The design and style of your warehouse ventilation system will have a big effect on the general efficiency and energy intake.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer for effective storage facility ventilation system style; the ideal answer will depend upon the facility size and layout, environment conditions, heating & cooling requirements and HVAC system style, indoor air quality and other elements. Preferably, the style of the ventilation system will be part of the preliminary style and engineering procedure for a brand-new facility; it is much more economical to develop the right system from the start than to attempt to remedy or retrofit it later. 

For finest outcomes, deal with a ventilation and air filtration specialist with training in the industry standards for storage facility ventilation systems. Again, our recommendation is Sigrist Design. Located in Brisbane, their expertise with ventilation design makes them our top choice for any HVAC, filtration or ventilation needs.